Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide

A commonly asked question we get here at ComicProLine is how do you know what bags and boards to purchase together for your comic book. I will be answering all those questions and concerns here.

Please keep in mind I can only give my personal recommendation as everyone likes their comics fit differently in their comic bag and board. By reading this you are accepting we are not liable for any dissatisfaction you may have with the way your comic fits in the bag and boards purchased from us. This article is to give a rough idea to the beginners who have comic book collections and don't know where to start.

How do you begin to know what size product your comic needs?

To start grab a measuring tape and measure the width way of your comic book. Write down that measurement in inches as you will be needing it. 

As you may have noticed; all our products have measurements next to the name of them. You will need to take that measurement you have collected from your measuring tape and match it with that same length board. So for example, if you measure your width of your comic book and the width is 6 3/4 Inches, you would purchase the current size backer boards as they say next to the name they are 6 3/4 inches. Match the board with its corresponding bag. So in this case, you would purchase current bags to go along with your boards. If you want more room in your bag, you can purchase bigger sizes! Just make sure that the board size isn't bigger than the bag or the exact same size as the bag ex: 7" board with a 7" bag will not fit as they are the exact same measurement. The thickness of the board "PT" is all personal preference and so is the resealable/ non resealable choice in bags. Just make sure the measurements add up to your liking.


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